File Maintenance is a tool that can improve database performance and will resolve many issues that can occur with your SIMS database.  SIMS technical support may ask you to run File Maintenance if you are having problems with your database.


  1.  Make sure SIMS is closed on all workstations.  Also close SIMS Training Room Companion, SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager and SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Service, if applicable.

  2.  Open SIMS on a single workstation.

  3.  Select Tools/File Maintenance from the SIMS menu.

  4.  Your database will be selected, by default, if it is open.  If no database is selected, click the browse button to browse to and select your database.

  5.  Click the Advanced button, configure the settings as follows, then click Run.

  6.  Close the Status window once processing is complete.

  7.  Reconfigure the settings as follows, then click Run.  Do this even if you encountered an error during the first attempt.

    If you receive a message indicating that errors were found in your database, follow the instructions for uploading your database to technical support.

  8.  Close the Status and File Maintenance windows and verify your issue has been resolved.  If the issue persists, please contact technical support for additional instructions.