Step 1: Download the installation package

The latest version of the SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Service (SASS) installer is available for download from:

Step 2: Install

a. Open/Run the installation package you downloaded in Step 1.

b. Follow the on-screen prompts until installation has completed, then click Finish.

Step 3: Open SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager (SASM)

Open the Windows Start menu  and locate the SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager shortcut.  The easiest way to find it is to just start typing SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager while the menu is open, but you can also find it inside the SIMS folder on the same menu.  Once you've located the shortcut, click it to open SASM.

Step 4: Configure settings

a. Select the Settings tab of the SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager window.

b. Click the  button to locate and select your SIMS database.

c. If you want the synchronization service (SASS) to automatically synchronize your data, enter a synchronization frequency and select the days of the week on which synchronization should occur.

d. Click Apply Changes to save your settings.  After you click, you may be prompted to enter the user name and password of a SIMS administrator account.  You may also be prompted to change the log on settings of the synchronization service.  If you need help responding to either of these prompts, please consult the Installation Guide for SASS and SASM for instructions.

Step 5: Synchronize

a. Select the Status tab of the SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager window.

b. Click the Sync Now button to begin synchronizing your databases.  Your first sync might take a while, but subsequent synchronizations should complete fairly quickly.

Additional Resources

Additional documentation can be found on our website at:

For detailed instructions on installing and configuring SASS or SASM, please consult the Installation Guide for SASS and SASM.

For instructions on preparing your SIMS database for use with SIMSAnywhere, please consult the SIMSAnywhere User Guide.