CleanDbc is a utility used for troubleshooting issues with your SIMS database.  SIMS technical support may ask you to run the CleanDbc utility if you are having problems with your database.


  1.  Make sure SIMS is closed on all workstations.

  2.  Download the latest version of CleanDbc and save it to your desktop:

  3.  Select the file you just downloaded and drag it into the SIMS installation folder (normally “c:\program files (x86)\sims”).

  4.  From the SIMS installation folder, double-click the file you just dragged there.
    If you receive an error at this point, you're probably trying to run CleanDbc from somewhere other than SIMS installation folder. 

  5.  Browse to and select your database when prompted.

     If you subscribe to a SIMS maintenance plan , continue with step 6.  Otherwise, skip to step 8.   

  6.  A report file will be displayed once processing has completed.  Click File/Save As... and save the report file to your desktop.

  7.  Compose a new email using your email application, and attach the file you saved in the previous step.  Address the email to support@flantech.net and send.

    Example of email with attachment in Outlook

  8. Open SIMS and run File Maintenance