If the SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Service (SASS) configuration file becomes corrupted, configuration changes made from SIMSAnywhere Synchronization Manager (SASM) may appear to save successfully but are not actually retained by SASS.  When this occurs, the Status tab in SASM will report that synchronization services are disabled because a database value has not been specified, and the message persists even after you provide a database value from the Settings tab.


Follow these steps to delete the corrupted configuration file and let SASS create a new one.

  1.  Open the Windows Run window, then enter C:\ProgramData\SIMS and click OK.

  2.  Right-click the SASS.config file and choose Delete.

  3.  Open SASM and reconfigure your database and synchronization settings from the Settings tab.  Click Apply Changes to save your settings.

  4.  If successful, the Status tab will no longer show the warning message, and the Sync Now button will be available.