Consecutive logon attempts that are unsuccessful due to an invalid password will cause a user’s account to be locked. This will occur upon the 4th consecutive failed attempt.  User accounts that become locked must be unlocked from within SIMS.


To unlock a SIMSAnywhere user account:

  1. Select Tools/Security/Settings from the SIMS menu.  Note: Security settings can only be modified by a user with administrator privileges.

  2. Select the Users folder

  3. Right-click the locked user account and choose Properties from the context menu.

  4. Select the SIMSAnywhere tab and click the Check online account status link.

  5. Click Yes from the prompt to unlock the account.

  6. Click OK to close the Properties window.

  7. OPTIONAL: If the user has forgotten their password, you can reset it from the Security window by right-clicking the user account and choosing Set Password from the context menu.