This article describes the different configuration options available from the SIMS Training Room Companion (SIMS-TRC) Control Panel.

To access the SIMS-TRC Control Panel, type CTRL+SHIFT+P from the main SIMS-TRC window.

General tab settings

Display Settings
FullScreenModeDetermines whether the application is shown in full-screen mode.  When enabled, you must open the control panel in order to close the application, since there will not be an “x” option for closing the window.
ShowMouseCursorDetermines whether the mouse cursor is visible to the user.  Typically, this setting should be enabled unless you will not be using a mouse, such as in a touch-screen scenario.
File Locations
DatabaseThe SIMS database that will be linked to.
Identification Number
InputModeThe primary method of input (keyboard or MSR) used when providing an identification number.
IDLinkThe type of identifier that will be provided by the athlete.  This will be one of the three identification numbers available from SIMS, and will be used to determine the matching athlete record in the database.  For example, if Alternate ID# is selected as the IDLink setting, once an athlete has entered their ID, SIMS-TRC will look for a matching Alternate ID# in the database to determine the athlete’s name and injuries.
IDPromptThe prompt that appears at the top of the keyboard input screen.
IDPromptFontThe font used for the identification number prompt.
IDPasswordCharThe masking character for the identification number.  Typically, a "black circle" (•) or an asterisk (*) is used.  (Type ALT+0149 to achieve the "black circle".)  Or, leave blank if you do not wish to conceal the users' input.
Injury Display Options
InjuryPromptThe prompt that appears at the top of the injury selection screen.
InjuryNotListedButtonTextThe text to appear on the button used to indicate that the injury to be treated is not listed.
ShowPsychologicalDetermines whether psychological illnesses are displayed.
ShowChemicalDetermines whether chemical illnesses are displayed.
ShowPermanentDetermines whether injuries resulting in permanent disability are displayed.
Injury Maintenance Options
AllowModalitySelectionDetermines whether the modality selection screen is presented to the athlete.
CopyGeneralDetermines whether the General tab from the athlete's most recent injury maintenance record in SIMS is copied when creating a new entry.  If the AllowModalitySelection option is enabled, modality selections will not be copied (since they will be selected by the athlete).
CopyNotesDetermines whether the Notes tab from the athlete's most recent injury maintenance record is copied when creating a new entry.
CopyAssessmentDetermines whether the Injury Assessment tab from the athlete's most recent injury maintenance record is copied when creating a new entry.
ModalitySelectionPromptThe prompt that appears at the top of the modality selection screen.
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) Settings
MSRDeviceNameThe device name of the MSR. If your device is not listed as an option, it may not be OLE for Retail Point-of-Sale (OPOS) compatible or the OPOS drivers may not be installed.
MSRTimeoutThe length of time, in milliseconds, SIMS-TRC will spend attempting to take control of the device before giving up.
MSRDataTrackThe track number that stores the identification number on the magnetic stripe.
MSRDataStartThe position on the track where the data value (i.e., the identification number) begins.
MSRDataLengthThe number of characters to read from the data track, beginning at MSRDataStart, to determine the user’s identification number.
MSRPromptThe prompt that appears at the top of the MSR input screen.
MSRKeyboardOptionDetermines whether the Use Keyboard option is available from the MSR input screen. This allows the user to manually input their ID via the keyboard as an alternative to using the MSR.
Other Settings
ControlPanelPasswordThe password required when accessing the control panel.  Leave blank if you do not want to be prompted for a password when accessing the control panel.

Modalities tab settings

The Modalities tab has meaning only when the AllowModalitySelection setting is enabled.  This tab allows you to designate which modality, rehab, tests and other items should appear during the modality selection step of the input process.

To include an item on the modality selection screen, select the item from the leftmost list and double-click it—or use the Add button—to move it to the rightmost list.

If you wish to include a modality that does not appear on either list, you will need to add it from within SIMS (see the SIMS user manual for instructions).  Modalities added from SIMS will become available the next time you run SIMS-TRC.

The Exit Application button

The Exit Application button can be used to close SIMS-TRC.  When FullScreenMode is enabled, the main user interface will not show in a window, so there is not an “x” available for closing the application.  Under that configuration, this button must be used to close SIMS-TRC.