When starting SIMS, you may receive an Unhandled Structured Exception message in the event one or more of the SIMS recovery tables has become corrupted.


Follow these steps to recreate the SIMS recovery tables.  

  1. Ensure the latest version of SIMS has been installed on all of your SIMS workstations.

  2. Close SIMS on all workstations that it is running.

  3. Open the SIMS Data folder, i.e., the folder that contains your SIMS database.

  4. Inside the Data folder is a folder named Recovery.  Rename that folder to Recovery.bak.  (If there is already a folder of that name, use bk1 or any other series of characters after the period that results in a unique folder name.)

  5. Start SIMS on a single workstation and wait for it to rebuild the recovery tables.  This could take several minutes.  Once complete, you should no longer receive anerror message when starting SIMS.