SIMSDataExportUtility is a utility used to export your SIMS database to an Excel file.  


  1.  Download the latest version of SIMSDataExportUtility and save it to your desktop:

  2. Select the file you just downloaded and drag it into the SIMS installation folder (normally “c:\program files (x86)\sims”).

  3. From the SIMS installation folder, double-click the file you just dragged there.

    If you receive an error at this point, you're probably trying to run SIMSDataExportUtility from somewhere other than SIMS installation folder. 

  4.  Browse to and select your database when prompted.

    Processing will begin immediately after you click OK. Please note that processing can be quite slow, and large databases can take hours to complete.

  5.  Once processing completes, your Excel file will be saved to your desktop and will open automatically.

    Note that the Excel workbook is comprised of multiple worksheets, with each worksheet listing a different type of data.